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A Little Background Info and Drawing for my Mental Health and The Hereford Art Trail .....

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

My Name is Nicola, Noodles is a shortened version of one of the many nicknames my father fondly gave me as a child (Nicky Nacky Noodle to be precise). I was born in Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire in the early seventies and I have drawn as a hobby since I was a youngster - it was my preferred pastime along with listening to music and I have lost countless hours doodling, drawing, painting and generally making mess and creating havoc.

I am a self-taught artist, only taking art at school until I chose my GCSES; a bribe of £10 was offered to me to take French instead and with my pockets lined, the door to my creative path was slammed shut! I got an F in French if you're interested, I was never going to do well a) I was rubbish at it and b) I was determined not to because it just wasn't art. Having worked with young people in a variety of different settings throughout my working life, I have employed my creativity by engaging with and entertaining young adults and children with the aim to inspire, create and achieve in whatever creative medium they so choose.

It was when my son went to university that I really started to pick up drawing again, an attempt to fill the void of an empty nest! Add a failed business venture to the mix and the fact that I was suffering from horrendous sickness; stress and migraines that were so painful, I ended up in bed for weeks at a time, making for a world of despair and anxiety I had not known before. Prior to this, I considered myself to be a very strong and resolute person but at this point in time, I was suffocating. I found that the only thing that helped me make sense of the world was drawing, and that in some way it calmed me down and grounded me. Whilst experimenting with ink markers and fine liners my style began to evolve, and I started to fall in love with the medium I am so familiar with today.

I create my art as I explained in my previous blog by drawing inspiration up from my subconscious - usually it relates to a feeling, thought or experience and I see where my mind takes me. I tend to listen to a lot of music during the process as it helps me to create freely and with flow. I also take inspiration from my love of nature, trees and wood and they very often feature heavily in my work! Most of all I love to create, I love the element of surprise that arises during the process, and I can take all of my frustration out with pen and some paper. I also have fun and think there is an element of my humorous side in almost all of my work. Art is definitely my therapy, and it has helped me through some of my darkest and brightest days.

Back in 2021 an amazing young woman called Emily approached me on Instagram from @Artistsclubhouse. She had teamed up with the Hereford and Worcester NHS Now We're Talking with Art Campaign to promote mental health awareness in the community. Emily asked if I would like to be involved so I entered a piece I had called; Drowning in A Sea of Chaos, it was picked to be part of the Art Trail in September 2021. I was thrilled to have been a part of such a worthwhile campaign that is close to my heart.

Drowning in A Sea of Chaos in the window of the Hereford Library

At the time My husband and I had a Campervan an old Mazda Bongo and we headed off for the weekend with our son to Hereford to do the Trail. We camped at the rowing club and went in search of my picture. It turned out to be an amazing way to see a very pretty city with the added bonus of seeing some art and a drawing of mine in the largest size I had ever seen it at the Hereford Library and all for a very worthwhile cause WINNER WINNER!!

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