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Welcome to my first blog post!

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Photographs by B. Webster Instagram @webmedia_bw

Hi all, I'm Noodles, welcome to my website and to my first ever blog where I can hopefully open up and have an honest conversation about my artwork.

Above, I have uploaded some professional photographs taken at the end of 2020. It was very exciting to see them being taken especially with 2020 being the year that it was. Today I thought I would share the inspiration behind some of the art I have created using the photographs that were taken to showcase them. I use ink (predominantly sharpies and fine liners) and although some of my work is on paper, I have over the past 2 years swapped to Bristol Board.

Inspiration for my work comes in many forms, either from a feeling, mood, an experience or even a sensation from music. I sometimes meditate beforehand shut my eyes and start with my eyes closed and see where my hand and mind lead me.

The pictures drawn here were done when I first found my obsession with ink as a medium. The first one shown, I can clearly remember listening to Linkin Park and then Jazz Funk very loud with my headphones on and my pen just moved in time to the music. This was also the first black and white drawing that I added a colour splash to. Not surprised I went for red if I had to pick a colour, I think red is my favourite.

The second picture I nearly threw away in bad temper because something hadn't worked in my eyes however it was my son who told me to "Get a grip, you know you can fix it" and "remember the Buddhist monks who make them sand pictures; once they have finished, they wipe it away because they don't get attached to it" ...Okay son I'll go give my head a wobble and fix it!!!

The third picture is from a memory of getting lost on a hike to Rice Lake in Vancouver Canada with my son when we visited my brother one Christmas. It was the most horrific weather for a daft Brit in the wrong clothes, raindrops were the size of golf balls!! I have never ever been so wet and cold. Funny though NOW! and I will never live it down.

The fourth drawing is the one that my son wanted when I started drawing it and had it hung up in his room at Uni, he still has this one.

The fifth one doesn't come from a great place, it is somewhere in my head I don't visit often. This piece was fuelled by the worst acts of humankind upon its most young and vulnerable and a system that continues to fail them. It is called: Sometimes there is no use in looking for the logical answer, there isn’t one; you just have to accept the nonsensical and ride it out!!

The sixth drawing is called Down at the Bottom of the Garden and draws on my love of toadstools and crazy fairy and fantasy stories I loved as a kid.

The seventh drawing depicts the Sun burnt out due to global warming and the fires burning down below. This is called: The Warning Signs Were there!

And finally, the last picture here was the first picture I drew after I had been extremely ill, this I named Drastic Gastro Demons Wreaking Havoc in a Tiny Tummy in the Middle of England.

So, there is a little introduction into how I start my artwork and the inspiration I draw upon.

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